Need Acute Care for Recent Illness or Injury?

Suffering from an acute ailment such as a virus, infection or injury? Homeopathy may be able to help! Submit the form below and Sarah will respond within one business day. If you have not received a response, text 207.636.6054.

Homeopathic treatment considers the whole individual in developing a care protocol. The goal of homeopathic care is to enhance your or your child’s core vitality and strength. The mental and emotional symptoms of the client are as important as the physical symptoms. During your consultations, discussion will cover your entire symptomatology in light of your unique circumstances. We ask that you consent to the following prior to treatment: 

• Sarah Thompson is not a medical doctor. Sarah does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any particular symptom, disease, or condition, and nothing said in consultation should be interpreted as medical advice. I will retain a primary care physician as needed.
 • I understand that a minor aggravation of symptoms may occur as deeper healing takes place, and is a desirable part of the healing process. 
 • I understand that all information disclosed during a consultation is confidential. o Nothing will be revealed without written permission, except where required by law. o I authorize discussion of my case notes or my child’s case notes with other homeopaths; notes will be anonymized to preserve privacy. •

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Thank you for submitting your request for urgent care. If it is an evening or weekend, please contact us at 207.636.6054 or or

“In the past, I’ve used a wide variety of homeopathic remedies to treat a variety of health issues, including a few chronic ones. In my opinion, my more successful experiences have been with practitioners who were skilled at: (1) asking clear questions, (2) tailoring remedies to me, and consistent check-ins for their efficacy. Sarah did all this and more. In other words, she exceeded my expectations. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone who has Children struggling with acute illnesses.”

~W.S.* (*client privacy protected)