A Natural Cure for Acne?

Can Homeopathy Offer a Drug-Free Option for Acne?

Pimples. Zits. Blackheads. Cysts. 

Whatever you call them, they are unsightly and often uncomfortable. While acne is considered a right of passage in the teenage years, some people experience acne well into adulthood. 

Are you looking for a natural cure for acne? Homeopathy offers some drug-free alternatives for acne. 

In homeopathy, we are supporting the body to resolve symptoms and find balance. Rather than referring to "curing" a condition, we talk about healing holistically so that the body can eliminate the acne on its own. 

First, what are the medical options? There are a number of pharmaceutical drugs that may be prescribed for acne. There are topical retinoids, topical and oral antibiotics, hormonal therapies, and skin peels. All of these drugs can have both short and long-term side effects. 

A quick perusal of the internet offered these potential risks to pharmaceutical drugs for acne: 

• Dryness

• Redness

• Peeling or flaking of the skin

• Irritation or burning sensation

• Upset stomach or gastrointestinal issues

• Diarrhea

• Nausea

• Increased sensitivity to sunlight

• Yeast infections (in women)

• Dry eyes and vision changes

• Muscle aches and joint pain

• Elevated triglyceride and liver enzyme levels

• Depression or mood changes (rare but serious)

• Breast tenderness

• Irregular bleeding or spotting 

• Headaches

• Skeletal abnormalities if taken during pregnancy (it's highly teratogenic and can cause severe birth defects)

• Potential for liver damage (rare)

• Possible changes in blood lipid levels, which could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

• Dryness and thinning of hair

• Development of antibiotic resistance with long-term use, making future infections harder to treat

• Disruption of normal gut flora, potentially leading to gastrointestinal issues or yeast infections

• Increased risk of blood clots, stroke, or heart attack, particularly in women who smoke or have other risk factors

• Potential for hormonal imbalances, especially if used for an extended period

• Changes in menstrual patterns or fertility after discontinuation

Well. Perhaps you are wondering if Deep Healing of Acne Without Drugs is an option.

There are many remedies that can be effective in acne, so for chronic recurrences you want to consult with a practitioner, which you can do for free to learn more about the options. Here is one example of a case of acne addressed with homeopathy.

For minor eruptions in puberty, consider using the cell salt Calc fluor (Amazon affiliate link) as directed on the back of the package. This is a safe option to try when exploring whether you would like to pursue homeopathic care in answer to the question, Can Homeopathy Cure Acne.

Here at Inner Sea Homeopathy, our intention is to help you achieve Deep Healing Without Drugs. Can acne be healed deeply, without drugs? Sometimes the answer is yes!

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