A quick note on a kit sale

Good morning,

As homeopathic kits can be expensive and it can be hard to select one, I wanted to let you know of a sale that is happening at the moment through Bengal Allen.

Bengal Allen is a homeopathic remedy manufacturer out of India. Their kits are affordable and the remedies are good quality, although the packaging is less slick than the other kits I have suggested. I have several of their kits; they use the poppy-seed sized lactose pellets; I believe the other kits are all sucrose. Any are fine but some people have concerns about the lactose pellets due to milk allergies. I don’t have any affiliation with this company but $275 for 100 remedies looks to me like the best price around, and if you team up with a friend and get two, you can use a discount code that came to me in the mail today: DEALRIGHTNOW.

Here is their website: Bengal Allen

The comment threads here are a great place to ask questions about any of this so feel free to connect.

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