Bruised, Battered, Traumatized

Bruised. Battered. Traumatized.

Every effort to put thought to keyboard feels like a struggle through sludge of infinite density at the moment (Sludge of Infinite Density being a fifth state of matter in some Douglas Adams-esque realm of interplanetary passage). This is thanks, in large part, to the idiocy captured by this wonderful (and unattributed) quote, “Only a white man would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of a blanket and have a longer blanket;” or, as we know it, Daylight Savings Time.

When I want to feel really powerless, I take a moment to recognize that the state can just mandate a different clock that messes with circadian rhythms even though it causes measurable deleterious health effects (even when permanent), and there is nothing I can do about it. If we can’t even get politicians to get rid of the post office and daylight savings time, what hope is there?

But that’s only the dark moments. I promise.

The artificial transference of the meridian to the wrong part of the clock beats the stuffing out of me. I feel like I have a terrible hangover after an 18 hour flight.

I feel bruised, battered, traumatized.


Fortunately, I have tools. And in this upcoming webinar, I am going to introduce them to you.

Learn about What Homeopathy Is and Why You Need This Magic In Your Life.

Sunday, March 26, from 3-5, we will be digging into

The Fundamentals of Homeopathy

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You will leave this event with

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·      Ways to make the use of this affordable modality even more budget-friendly

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You may be familiar with Arnica montana; it is the best-known and most widely-available homeopathic remedy in the materia medica. On the shelves in pellet form, creams, and gels, this ubiquitous substance is well-known for its use after injury.

Whether you raise an egg on your forehead after stumbling into the doorframe of your own office for no reason (not that I know anyone who has done this), or your toddler bonks his head at the bottom of the slide, Arnica is the remedy to reach for.

All homeopathic remedies have a complete profile and a core dynamic. Why is Arnica the remedy for these injuries? Because it matches the experience of trauma. Trauma is disorienting. It knocks us off-balance. And often, with an injury of this nature, we don’t even acknowledge a trauma; we rush to “walk it off.”

What else knocks us off-balance, which we buck up from and “walk off?” The time change! Arnica is an excellent remedy to take any time we have this feeling. Whether from jet lag, government manipulation of clocks, an unpleasant encounter or challenging family holiday, or simply a hard day at the gym or on the slopes, the injury and remedy are indicated by this state of discomfort, disorientation (in the case of muscle soreness, from the process of stress and growth on the muscle fibers), and vagueness.

If you haven’t taken Arnica yet, and you are stumbling around trying to figure out whether you are fit to operate a motor vehicle, stop what you are doing and go get it. Just one dry dose under the tongue can support the process of re-aligning to the new reality in which you find yourself.

Allow Arnica to carry you across the threshold and back into sync.


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