My presentation on the history of medical thought

My presentation for the Brownstone Institute on the work of Harris Coulter

"It is a truism that the practice of medicine is not a purely scientific endeavor. While scientific considerations play their role at all times, the physician is an economic unit competing with other economic units, and it also cannot be denied that economic pressures of various kinds must influence the practice of medicine.

Thus, while medical practice is affected by medical theory, medical practice is in turn affected by the economics of medical practice, and to a far greater extent than is commonly realized." - Harris Coulter

How is it that medical doctors came to be perceived, in our culture, as figures of authority and gravity out of proportion to their peers in other service and trade professions?

How is it that the practice of medicine itself came to be seen as one of ideal benevolence and altruism, such that its executors are held in awe and unearned regard?

Why does a "suffering humanity" (to quote Samuel Hahnemann) queue up to wait for hours to be graced with fifteen minutes of prejudiced attention and a sacred passport to the pharmacist's counter? And submit itself to subjugation for the privilege of believing that someone else is paying?

How did we get here, in the western world?


This moment in medical evolution, which I would argue is halftime despite the arrogant assertion of many pundits and practitioners that "the science is settled," did not arise accidentally, but rather through the concerted effort of individuals who wished to protect and enhance their prestige and incomes.

For this I do not blame them; I, too, am in business and wish to be respected and compensated for my work.

I do not, however, desire to use cartelization, coercion, and cronyism to achieve such ends, and this is where critical paths have diverged in the yellow woods of the marketplace for medical care.

The work of Harris Coulter, nearly buried by the refusal of his publishers to re-release his outstanding scholarship on medical history in the west, is being brought back into circulation by the good work of the Brownstone Institute and others, and I had the privilege of speaking about some of his research during the recent Porcfest (Porcupine Freedom Festival) event in NH, and I was able to make an amateur recording of my talk.

We have been given an amazing opportunity; from a homeopathic perspective, the Covid Regime could be seen as a similar medicine to the disease of technocratic totalitarianism that has been growing like a cancer all around us.

Now, through the revelations of that experience, we have the chance to heal ourselves from dependence on systems of medical "care" that do not serve the patient. It is this, more than anything, that I desire as the outcome of the re-release of Coulter's meticulous and erudite writing.

May we find ourselves on the path of Deep Healing, and embrace it.

Enjoy the linked video below. (The weather was brutally hot and I was using my phone on a short tripod, so this is not a professional-quality video, but it is reasonably clear and the audio is good).

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