The $8 cure that healed my mom when doctors couldn’t

From Haley at The Liberty Alliance Network:

Last summer my mom fell ill.

First, she had a kidney stone. It didn’t pass and they couldn’t blast it so they had to surgically remove it.

That worked but then a few weeks later she started having gastro-intestinal (GI) issues.

She was constantly nauseous. She couldn’t keep food down. Irregular bowel movements. Random fevers. Even water would make her gag and throw up.

After already having spent weeks at home in pain from the kidney stone, this was a big setback.

Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. Nothing was showing up on tests. It was a game of “pass the buck”.

She’d go to her PCP who’d refer her to the specialist. She’d have to wait days or weeks for an appointment. They wouldn’t have any answers for her. Then, eventually, she’d continue to worsen and have to go to the ER. Then on to the hospital. They’d not find the cause of her ailments and send her home. Repeat.

By the end of the summer, she’d lost over 30 lbs — (“Not the way I wanted to lose weight!” she confided).

After having spent nearly a whole summer confined to her home, slowly losing energy and wasting away, and with doctors having no idea what was wrong with her, we decided we had nothing to lose. We called my friend, Sarah Thompson, a homeopath.

You might recall I interviewed her on my show back on Episode 4 about the health freedom movement in Maine.

Sarah did an extensive case-taking. After spending over an hour compiling all my mom's symptoms, she was able to distill her symptom picture down and recommend a single, well-indicated remedy. I found it at my local Vitamin Shoppe for $8.

Within days, my mom felt better. Within a week, she was back to normal. Not just a measure of degrees better — normal.

The doctors had no answers for her in over 2 months. They were throwing spaghetti at a wall trying to guess at what medications to give her. In fact, her anti-nausea medication made her more nauseous. One team had even wanted to operate on her!

My mom’s case is a convincing example of the magical healing powers of homeopathy.

I wanted to have Sarah back on the show to do a deep dive into all things homeopathy.

Everyone has heard of homeopathy but very few actually know what it is. Do you?

In this chat, we discussed:

  • The surprising ailments homeopathy can help heal

  • The difference between suppressing a disease state vs. supporting your body’s natural ability to heal (and why suppressing it will cause worse problems down the line)

  • Why reaching for a homeopathic remedy is better than reaching for an OTC pharmaceutical drug, even for minor issues

  • How homeopathy can help you take your and your family’s health into your own hands so you don’t have to be so reliant on our broken health care system

  • How Sarah was able to heal a man who had been suffering from this one condition for nearly 50 years and thought he was beyond help

  • The ways in which homeopathy can help heal your pets and save them from the increasingly corrupt veterinary industry (which is suffering from the same pitfalls as the traditional medical industry)

  • Why skin issues in both dogs and humans are so difficult to solve

  • Isn’t this just the placebo effect? (Spoiler alert: NO)

  • And much, much more!

Nope, there’s no fluff in this episode. By the end you’ll be drowning in so much homeopathic knowledge you’ll be gasping for air.

By the way, if you’re tempted to skip this episode because you think you won’t be interested, I promise you that’s a mistake. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it!

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In liberty,

Haley Heathman

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