The Big Bad Wolf?

Given the extent of malevolence and malfeasance, banal evil and bureaucratic corruption, that the government gets up to, it’s unsurprising that I am near-daily exhorted to participate in noble citizens’ efforts to claw back a crumb of acknowledgment of rights from the great usurpers in the halls of power.

(The rights themselves were always, and remain, mine; I don’t bend a knee to beg beneficence from thieves, although I’m willing, on occasion, to remind them that I don’t consent to the violent prohibition of my full natural authority over my domain. I am not thoroughly convinced that even this level of participation isn’t submission to enslavement, and I may not be the person to choose for such missions, as I’m unable to put politics over principles and so will not say something I do not mean even if it is the expedient directive of the moment. But that is an aside.)

Homeopathy must be very scary if people who would seem to be too busy for something so “nonsensical” are dedicating so much effort to maligning and crushing it. If you wonder what I mean, do a quick google search. Start with Wikipedia. Despite the fact that it has no side effects, does not interfere with conventional drugs, and the official ethical codes of the major professional associations all encourage appropriate referral relationships with the medical industry, it is imperative in the eyes of the gatekeepers that it be labeled the lowest form of quackery, with as much derision as possible.

And if that fails, there is always the long arm of the regulatory Hydra. Large “conventional” medical organizations have been gunning for homeopaths for a long, long time (the term “allopathy” means that the medicines themselves produce effects that do not follow any strict relationship to the symptoms of the disease-state; in the mainstream medicine of our time many of the medicines in use actually DO cause similar effects to the diseases they are treating – if you read the side effects of many medications, you often see a symptom profile that can match that of the target pathology.)

The latest bow-shot from the FDA has splintered the stem and there’s reason for concern, particularly for consumers, that homeopathic remedies in their current form could become impossible to get, for all intents and purposes; the current guidance would regulate homeopathic remedies the same way as the toxic pharmaceutical drugs that this same august organization so effectively protects us from. Without the millions that Pfriendly Pfizer can pay in “administrative” fees to the government to make triple-sure there is no danger in offering, let alone mandating, their products (products so safe that some of them have a legal liability shield preventing the company from being sued for damages), homeopathic remedies as currently marketed cannot get through the regulatory process (it is apparently very important that the public not be able to freely choose to pay out of its own pockets for nanomolecular doses of ground oyster shell!).

THIS is the organization that has all the info and is deep in the trenches doing hard work on this front; that is where you will find the updates and the petitions to support the effort to keep homeopathy on the shelves. It would be a loss to everyone if these tools became unavailable through these channels.

I know there is a significant edge in my tone; it would be foolish to pretend I do not see what is happening. I’m no soldier of fortune, but if they bring the fight to me, I’ll stand. Nonetheless, I do not fear this as an existential threat, and here is why:

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Homeopathy has been a remedy for “conventional” medicine from the beginning, and the depth and tenure of the pathology asking to be healed is such that the path to cure for the profession of medicine has been (and continues to be) through a long, dark, painful manifestation of aggravation as the entire system fights the process and fears the transformation. Even when you *embrace* homeopathic healing, it can be hard, dark, work (I speak from lifetimes of experience); to resist it so mightily has resulted in much pain and misery that seems unnecessary but must have its purpose.

To wit, the “attack” on homeopathy is not new and this is hardly the most vicious or the loudest its been. It feels a loss to the world that this has continued to happen, but the world must not yet be ready. The time will come.

And yet, and yet.

Homeopathy has never been lost. It has never been destroyed. You cannot use force to stop spirit. You cannot fight water with violence. You cannot keep The Empty Circle from those that seek it, because it is No Thing.

Worthy action is, by definition, a worthwhile endeavor. But do not pursue worthy action from fear of emergency; rather, pursue it in the spirit of allowing emergence.

We have always had remedies. We always will: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually; just like the planes of healing themselves.

If you have but one pellet, one paper, one glass of water, one intention, you have every remedy that has ever been, or will ever be, explored.

Act, but with ease.

If I pose so great a threat, I must be carrying a grave responsibility. Am I the old healer in the wood, preyed upon by the red-veiled wolf? I will heed the words of the sage Lao Tzu, and travel well upon the land, where I need fear no predators, because the tiger cannot find an opening to place his claws.

Those claws are the urgency of fear. May I know a threat with clear eyes and keep closed the door, but sit calmly with my breath if it is battered down.


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