What is Shamanic Coaching?

The Navigating Your Healing Journey Program of Homeopathy and Healing

Homeopathy found me.

My younger son had an appointment with an osteopath at an integrative practice, and I scheduled myself for a blood test while I was there because I had been feeling ill and wondered if I had mono.

I didn’t. I had leukemia.

Armed with my conviction that I had to figure it out on my own, and armored with my stories about what kind of person I was (one who didn’t get chemo), I went to war.

Fortunately, I lost. And when I surrendered, and took control of only that which was truly in my power, I was introduced to the woman who became my homeopath, my mentor, and my guide. When I met her, I was already in an hospital bed in Portland, Maine.

Homeopathy started healing me then, because it went to work through the channels of the parts of me that knew I was going through this experience on purpose.

But I lost my way. Without an understanding of what this healing process was, I went back to old patterns, and ended up back in the hospital a few years later.

I was lucky; I got the message, finally. It took eight years to get through it all, from my first diagnosis until the day I knew it was really, and truly, gone, not just from lab reports but from my cosmic lesson plan.

Much later I realized that it might have been easier, even if not faster (for it takes the time it takes), if I’d understood what I was doing in all that healing. If, from the start, I’d understood what it meant to surrender to suffering while still desiring to be well, if I’d known to ask what growth was trying to occur, if I’d had some guidance to add structure to the blind faith of white-knuckled trust, could I have saved myself some pain?

So when I became a student, and then a practitioner, I set out to create that support as part of my business. Through my own process of healing, I assembled the toolkit myself, by studying the works and practices of wise people, philosophies, traditions, and faiths. When, after studying Peruvian shamanism under Q’ero elders and their students, I came to understand the nature of journey work, I found a common thread.

We gain wisdom by traveling in darkness, real and terrifying darkness, where we are confronted with a choice at many turns:

Do I trust that I am being made into something greater in this crucible, that the value of this path is in the taking of it, that that in itself will become the healing I am so hoping for, or do I turn back because I lack proof that I will become something greater than I am, that I have never been before?

That willingness to enter the darkness is what I consider the shamanic path. It is not connected to one tradition, but to all traditions that trust we are held even in the hard times, and that know what is meant by meekness. We must do the dance of surrender and fortitude.

The Navigating Your Healing Journey program of Shamanic Coaching isn’t a program in the traditional sense. I don’t have a strict curriculum. The reason it’s a program is that thinking in terms of a longer, but bounded, window of time allows us to set parameters for goals and evaluate benchmarks; we can be patient and present with what is happening while also clear in what we wish to cultivate as health.

YOU are the captain of the ship, so the program is whatever YOU need.

So what is it?

Homeopathy is the foundation of Navigating Your Healing Journey. All homeopathic care begins with a comprehensive intake; if you are a current client upgrading to coaching, you already know how powerful and valuable it is to explain all of your symptoms, to someone who is genuinely interested. Throughout all homeopathy and coaching work, I am paying attention to the factors involved in selecting or changing remedies and dosing.

Part of what makes my Shamanic Coaching offering so unique is that I have this incredible tool at my disposal to act on the physical, mental, and emotional planes.

But the remedy is just the beginning of the process! When your vital force is “seen” by the remedy, you embark on the journey of healing, but there’s more to setting sail on your Inner Sea than just casting off the dock-lines! How do you trim the sails, adjust the tiller, and weather storms, all while taking care of yourself and maintaining your ship? That’s where mentorship comes into play.


What if you could text or email your practitioner any time? What if you could meet frequently to evaluate progress and work through the stuck places? What if you could get answers when you need them?

That’s the kind of support and access you get with Shamanic Coaching. In addition to our scheduled hourly sessions every two weeks, which can include everything from consultation to custom personal development practices, to journey work, meditations, contract releases, personal poetry pathways, Attunement energy work, and more, all in the service of developing Your Intuition and identifying Your Personal Picture of Health,

you can reach out to me via text or email any time.

Sometimes it’s magic, and sometimes it’s an unbelievable slog. At heart, it is just one foot in front of the other, with someone at your side, who has trod a similar path.

Not everyone desires a mentor. Some people want to go it alone. For some, the process is wholly internal. But for me, I really needed it, and I didn’t have it. So I created it.

Of course, I still experience suffering. But it’s different now. I see it coming; I know what to do to keep it from taking over.

I’ve been weak; I’ve been broken. I’ve been writhing in agony of body and mind. I’ve been dying. I’ve been there.

I will walk beside you. I will be your navigator. Let's Talk.

Experiencing Deep Healing Without Drugs. 

Address the core susceptibility, and get off the medical merry-go-round.

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