What's In My Little Red Bag?

My kit (here’s the Little Red Bag:) is listed below. Remedies in red are highlighted for their application in acute emergency situations. Over time, I will endeavor to cover the use of all of these remedies. You do NOT need to have all these in your kit; I just want you to see what I travel with.

Also included – information about an exciting new upcoming offering!

At the end of this post find the How To Graft tutorial, including a materials list. This is some of the most valuable information I can share with you – how to make your initial supply of remedies last forever, and how to make sure you have remedies if the FDA makes it impossible to buy them (because they ARE trying to do exactly that – learn more at Americans For Homeopathy Choice.

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This is just the list; the sheet I keep in the kit and in my files also names a primary indication for each of these remedies. However, if I put “use this remedy in case of heart attack” on my substack, even behind the paywall, I’m inviting two kinds of trouble. The first kind is effectively communicated by the need for such disclaimers as “I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on tv.”

The second kind is the more important kind, though; what does it mean for a homeopathic remedy to be indicated in a serious acute? Where you see a “1M” potency listed, that is meant for such circumstances. To use homeopathy in situations that feel urgent and emergent, you want to bring all your tools to the table. Give a single pellet of 1M under the tongue as part of your first aid protocol, and repeat as follows: up to 3 doses in 15 minutes if no improvement, and then only repeat if symptoms relapse. Call in your support team.

I want you to have this information at your fingertips, and I have an exciting idea about how to make this happen.

Here’s how I am going to do it:

I am going to host a webinar where we cover all the primary indications. You will have a template to fill in as we talk, and there will be a q&a. This class will have a small fee and the recording will be available to you. I am going to put this together as soon as possible so that I can offer it in early January.

Aconitum 30c

Aconitum 1M

Aesculus 30c a

Agaricus 30c

Allium c 30c

Aloe 30c

Anacardium 30c

Anguilla 12c

Antimonium tartrate 30c

Apis 1m

Apis 30c

Arnica 1m

Arnica 30c

Arsenicum a 30c

Arsenicum a 1M

Belladonna 1m

Belladonna 30c

Bellis p 30c

Bombyx p 30c

Bombyx p 6c

Bryonia 30c

Calcarea carb 30c

Calcarea phos 6x

Calendula 1m

Calcarea fluor 6x

Calcarea sulph 6x

Calendula 30c

Cantharis 30c

Cantharis 1m

Carbo v 30c

Carcinosin 30c

Causticum 30c

Chamomilla 30c

Clematis 30c

Cocculus 30c

Coffea 30c

Coffea 6c

Colocynthis 30c

Conium 30c

Craetagus 30c

Craetagus 1M

Crotalus-t 30c

Drosera 30c

Digitalis 30 c

Dulcamara 30c

Eupatorium perf 30c

Euphrasia 30c

Ferrum phos 6x

Ferrum phos 30

Gelsemium 30c

Glonoinum 30c

Hamamelis 30c

Hepar sulph 30c

Hypericum 1m

Hypericum 30c

Ignatia 30c

Ipecac 30c

Kali bi 30c

Kali mur 6x

Kali phos 6x

Kali phos 30c

Kali sulph 6x

Kreosotum 30c

Lachesis 30c

Lachesis 1M

Latrodectus-M 30c

Ledum 1m

Ledum 30c

Lycopodium 30c

Lyssin 30c

Mag phos 30c

Mag phos 6x

Merc sol 30c

Mezereum 30c

Natrum carb 30c

Natrum mur 30c

Natrum mur 6x

Natrum phos 6x

Natrum sulph 6x

Nux vomica 1m

Nux vomica 30c

Ozonum 30c

Petroleum 30c

Phosphorus 1m

Phosphorus 30c

Phosphoric acid 30c

Phytolacca 30c

Picric acid 30c

Podophyllum 30c

Pulsatilla 30c

Pyrogenium 30c

Rhus tox 30c

Rumex 30c

Ruta 30c

Sabadilla 30c

Sepia 30c

Silicea 30c

Spongia 30c

Staphisagria 30c

Sulph 30c

Symphytum 30c

Tabacum 30c

Thuja 30c

Urtica u 30c

Veratrum a 30c

Zinc 30c

How to Graft:



Supplies that I use are as follows:

Quantities depend on how many remedies you want.



Vials: (choose your preferred size, I use 1 or 2 dram in my pharmacy but ½ dram for my travel kit) and I like to get ones with reducers that I can put in to make liquid potencies as well:



The trickiest bit is getting the pellets in the vials. I use these funnels:





I use distilled water, and Everclear or the strongest grain alcohol I can get if I am stabilizing a liquid potency.

Then finding a way to carry them is the next step. I have tried all sorts of things. Something like this is a possibility for home storage:


Or smaller for half dram:


or this for travel with ½ drams:


There are lots of options; look for craft/sewing/beading notions boxes and find one that suits you.




Please let me know in the comments (or send me an email at [email protected]) if you have any questions,.

Keep your eyes open for the webinar announcement!