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Homeopathy Services Overview

Homeopathy is the practice of identifying the pattern of symptoms occurring for the client on all planes from the physical to the spiritual, and matching a specially prepared potentized remedy to those symptoms. Through a process of in-depth consultation and close support, the homeopath attends and midwifes the healing that your own body will remember its capacity for.

Homeopathy can be used to address all issues, from short-term acutes to deep chronic physical pathology to mental and emotional imbalance. Everybody can heal, but no one should have to go it alone. If you are tired of being told there’s nothing that can be done, or that feeling bad is normal, I am ready to help you heal.

Sarah wrote this essay to delve more deeply into the nature of homeopathy.

“As symptoms disappear one by one and my life literally transforms before me, her approach always pivots to what is needed most. I can’t say enough about how profound this work and Sarah’s care has been. I so very much look forward to where this deep work will take me. Eternally grateful to have been lead to her. Thank you, Sarah.” 

~M.B.* (*client privacy protected)

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Find out if Homeopathy can help you. No Pressure, No Commitment. Just honest answers and insights for your situation, without leaving your home. During the intro consultation, we’ll ask questions, get to know you and your situation, and make an honest assessment.

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Membership Options

Homeopathy + for Chronic Concerns 

The expertise, support, and remedies you need to begin to truly heal.
$250/per month, recommended three month minimum

  • In-depth Consultation and Remedy Recommendation
  • Support
  • Includes all primary remedies
  • Acute Injury and Illness
  • Safe and Gentle
  • Remote or In-person
  • Family Plans Available!

Single Services

Acute Illness and Injury


·      Targeted Consultation and Remedy Recommendations

·      On-call Support for Duration of Illness

·      FOR URGENT CARE, please book below or text 207.636.6054 to schedule with "Acute Care Request"

Navigating Your Healing Journey Program of Homeopathy & Coaching

Heal with Homeopathy, Shamanic Coaching, and Expert Guidance

Have you ever:

• Struggled with your healing, even using good tools?

• Wanted to use multiple healing tools but weren’t sure how?

• Felt exhausted by Going It Alone?

• Felt overwhelmed by your healing process?

• Wanted more contact and care from your practitioner?

Then Inner Sea Homeopathy’s Navigating Your Inner Sea; a Healing Program is the program you’ve been waiting for!

What’s included?

• Homeopathic Intake and Follow ups

• Tools for Personal Growth, and Shamanic Offerings including Chakra Clearings, Personal Poetry Pathways, Contract Release, Journey Work

• Custom Flower Essence Blends

• Frequent contact. Prompt email and text support and short scheduled calls as needed.

• Homeopathic Remedies for Chronic Complaints

• Acute support for Illnesses and Injuries

• Attunement Energy Healing

• Custom Personal Development Exploration and Practices

• Full Hour Sessions every TWO weeks,13 full hour sessions

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Are You:

• Overwhelmed by your health challenges?

• Feeling unheard or unheld by your practitioners?

• Feeling that your symptoms are complex and poorly-understood?

• Feeling stuck and stalled in your healing process?

• Prepared to dive into the opportunities for deep and lasting healing offered by homeopathy?

Welcome! You are In The Right Place!

This offering is designed to maximize your healing at the deepest level by creating a customized program that interweaves homeopathy, shamanism, flower essences, personal development resources, and thoughtful guidance towards your individual healing goals.

All homeopathic care begins with a comprehensive intake; many of Sarah’s clients have never had the experience of being able to tell their complete health story to a practitioner who takes the time to really listen, hear, and assess, their unique situation and dynamic responses. With this information in hand, Sarah expertly selects a remedy tailored to your needs on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane.

The remedy is just the beginning of the process! When your vital force is “seen” by the remedy, you embark on the journey of healing, but there’s more to setting sail on your Inner Sea than just casting off the docklines! How do you trim the sails, adjust the tiller, and weather storms, all while taking care of yourself and maintaining your ship? That’s where mentorship comes into play; Sarah is a seasoned veteran of the process of healing from deep physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual disease, and she’s got many of the tools you need to navigate your course, as well as many outside resources to share so that you can further equip your vessel.

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