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"As symptoms disappear one by one and my life literally transforms before me, her approach always pivots to what is needed most." - MB, client

Sarah Thompson

What would it be like to watch your symptoms disappear one by one, to have your physical and mental health transform before your eyes?

In homeopathy, we recognize that your symptoms are connected.

The Deepest Healing

Platinum Healing, Platinum Service

Sarah sees the whole picture – emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and physical. She makes you face who you really are, how you fit yourself into the universe, and the aspects where you may be a little off kilter.

Ready to Embark on a Program of Transformational Healing, in which you access the power and opportunity being presented by your symptoms?

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The Initial Dive Into Health

Expert Homeopathic Care and Support

The expertise, support, and remedies you need to begin to truly heal.

  • Ready to Explore How Homeopathy can Help You Heal? Start here!
  • Consultation and Homeopathic Remedy 
  • Email support and check-in phone call
  • Includes all primary remedies
  • Acute Injury and Illness
  • Safe and Gentle
  • Family Plans Available!

$250/per month, three month minimum*

* If, for any reason, you wish to stop care at the end of the first month, you will not be charged for any additional care.


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Acute Illness and Injury


  • Targeted Consultation and Remedy Recommendations
  • On-call text support for 72 hours


please book below or text 207.636.6054 to schedule with "Acute Care Request"



More about The Deepest Healing

Ready to get to the deepest level of susceptibility and understand what's holding you back from healing and growth?

  • You've never experienced consultation and coaching like this! Maintain continuity and momentum with full sessions every other week for 6 months!
  • Receive Homeopathic Remedies for chronic care
  • Free home remedy kit for acutes, with on call support
  • Active Text Support for navigating physical and emotional challenges - process what's arising in real time, with real guidance.
  • Shamanic healing sessions including cord cutting and journey work, custom flower essence blends, meditations, and other resources.
  • Safe and Gentle

You're tired of suppressing symptoms. You're tired of the runaround. You're ready to understand the deepest issues, and truly heal. This program is for you.

Get the Discount! $5000/6 months or 

6 monthly payments of $1000.

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Additional Shamanic Services By Request