Sarah' Story

Why Getting Sick Was The Best Thing 

That Could Have Happened to Me, 

and Why It Can Be For You, Too!

Sarah's Story

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Let me tell you a story. The first time I met my homeopath, I was sitting in a hospital bed, weighing 94 pounds. I had a line threaded through my arm and into my chest to drip poison into my heart in an effort to eradicate leukemia. I had entered the hospital through the emergency room, not realizing that my first night in that bed would be the last time my infant son nursed at my breast; among the papers I had to sign was one in which I acknowledged that the treatment was likely to leave me sterile. Delirious with disorientation and fear, I told the technician who put in the line that hospitals were places of disease and death but I didn’t know where else to go. I was weighed and pricked and measured 

in the endless hours of pain and clicking, whirring machines, but when the homeopath came to see me, she didn’t ask about my organs or my metrics or my appetite for the inedible slop from the hospital kitchen.

She asked about my mother. My childhood. My children. My marriage. My fears and anxieties. My dreams and hopes. She asked questions about who was, not what diagnosis I was carrying around. She gave me permission to remember that I was something more than a frail and depleted cancer patient tethered to a toxic pump, by showing me that there was a bigger picture of my health and illness, and that she had the training and the insight to see it.

“She asked questions about who I was, not what diagnosis I was carrying around.”

I remember those early consultations, and how disconnected I was from what is true. There were decades of armor and stories that I had built around myself to protect anything vulnerable and real. I was convinced that I had to hold the world together with the power of my will, to insist that nothing was wrong as everything collapsed around me. But slowly, through many months of remedies, someone new began to emerge. I could feel the shift as my vital force responded to the homeopathy, sometimes in the form of a mild intensification as my immune system adjusted (what I later learned is called an “aggravation” in homeopathy), followed by relief and new levels of vibrancy and clarity. As my energy, strength, and weight returned, the doctors and released me from all medication. I found that I felt lighter. My skin and hair regained their previous lustre, and then improved further. I no longer suffered from the anxiety and depression that used to plague me. I started to make new friends and find myself able to take social risks. My voice and sense of self grew clearer. Seeing the tectonic shift in quality of life that homeopathy can facilitate, as well as the spiritual coherence of this method of healing for making sense of suffering in myself and the world, I discovered my calling.

That is the power of homeopathy. 

I know that everyone has the strength to overcome their obstacles if they have the right tools, but no one should have to go it alone. Homeopathy is a powerful therapeutic modality that involves personalized consultation and customized therapeutic agents to ease the transition from sickness to health as gently and effectively as possible.

“But slowly, through many months of remedies, someone new began to emerge.”

HOME for me is coastal Maine, with my husband and two sons.

HOMEschool is how my children experience the world gently, holistically, and in sync with their rhythms.

HOMEopathy empowers me to heal my family and enables me to select powerful medicines that relieve depression, anxiety, pain, PTSD, fatigue, and other symptoms of disease and dysfunction.

I want everyone to love themselves, truly, so they can be confident and powerful, creative, happy and fulfilled, loving and loved, in their own eyes, on their own terms.

Sarah trained at the Baylight Center for Homeopathy, the Academy for Homeopathic Education, Jaguar Path School of Shamanism, and Nancy Frederick Attunement, and holds certifications and registrations from the Association for International Homeopathic Certification, the Council for Homeopathic Certification, and the North American Society of Homeopaths.

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