Health IS Freedom!

Heal Deeply, Without Drugs.

Health IS Freedom!

Heal Deeply, Without Drugs.

Welcome to​ Inner Sea Homeopathy with Sarah Thompson, RSHom(NA), IHC, CCH!

Homeopathy isn’t magic, although the results can sometimes feel that way. Homeopathy is healing. Clients come to us for expert selection of this safe, alternative medicine. We start by really listening to you. We work to understand all of the contributing factors. We focus on healing you, not just attacking you and your symptoms with aggressive drugs. Then, we support you throughout the entire treatment.

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Meet Sarah

Sarah is dedicated to your healing. She believes that everybody has the strength to overcome their obstacles, if they can just find the right expert to guide them. 

In fact, Sarah’s own experience with Homeopathy started as a patient. Her Homeopath helped her overcome and fully recover from the debilitating effects of her Leukemia and the aggressive drugs used to treat it. 

Sarah’s experience was so entirely transformational that she developed a passion for bringing Homeopathy to others. She’s committed to helping anyone in need of a complete, safe, and gentle healing alternative.

Sarah Thompson

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Gain Holistic Health

Understand how all of your symptoms are connected, even when they seem separate.

Address Core Problems

Heal the deepest problems first to gain lifelong health and wellness.

Get Personal Support

Your Homeopath is your partner-in-health, providing continued personal support throughout treatment.

Not Addictive

Unlike opiates and other addictive drugs, homeopathic remedies are non-habit forming.

No Side Effects

Get safe and gentle medicine that actually heals you, without causing other problems.

Do You Feel Like the Answers for Your Physical or Mental Health are Just Out of Reach? 

Stop Struggling, and Find Healing with Safe, Effective Homeopathic Remedies from Inner Sea Homeopathy with Sarah Thompson.

 Sarah’s care is comprehensive and personal and the results have been profound. Our family has worked with her individually for concerns both physical and emotional, and our responses to her suggested remedies have been gentle, holistic and far-reaching. The fundamental shifts that have occurred continue to make themselves apparent as time passes. I’m grateful to have had such a dedicated and gifted guide to homeopathy.

~ J.V


I have suffered from insomnia for over five decades. Much to my delight, the very first application of Sarah’s treatment made a noticeable difference.


Sarah’s care is comprehensive and personal and the results have been profound.


Sarah's holistic and deep understanding and application of homeopathy has been utterly integral to my son's healing process. She has truly been a saving grace.


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