Michael Jackson Takes The Stage

Thoughts on a Half Baked Half Time

This one comes from Your Friendly Neighborhood Anarchomeopath over on X, formerly known as Twitter. 

Michael Jackson’s influence on pop music performance is so profound that it’s baked in to the bedrock; people don’t even see it because it’s ubiquitous.

Every choreographic set-piece that involves multiple dancers is a straight send-up and the kids have no idea (I will inform them when I am out in the yard shaking my cane and telling them to get off the lawn.)

During the Superbowl Halftime show, I felt like I was watching a rip-off of Smooth Criminal. It’s akin to when you hear a catchy pop song and realize that all the good parts are sampled. 

The athleticism in the choreography is striking. I’m in awe of it. But the artistry is often lacking. There’s nothing built on the shoulders of those giants.

It’s post-modern spectacle devoid of substance. 


One of the first songs I learned on banjo was Cluck Old Hen. Sawmill tuning in A, 4/4, and I realized:

This is a *heavy* baseline. You can put this behind anything and it’s the blues, it's rock and roll.

And it’s an old-time fiddle tune. 


Seeing (and hearing) through the noise is my job. Harmony, dissonance, and resolution are the dynamis that drives the wheel.

Every client is an orchestra, a quartet, and a solo.

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