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A Few Tools To Help You On Your Way

This post is a companion to my Intro to Homeopathy, Prepper Kit, and Grafting Tutorials. 

Books that I recommend for home prescribing:

Supplies that I use are as follows:

Quantities depend on how many remedies you want.


Vials: (choose your preferred size, I use 1 or 2 dram in my pharmacy but ½ dram for my travel kit) and I like to get ones with reducers that I can put in to make liquid potencies as well:

The trickiest bit is getting the pellets in the vials. I use these funnels:



I use distilled water, and Everclear or the strongest grain alcohol I can get if I am stabilizing a liquid potency.

Then finding a way to carry them is the next step. I have tried all sorts of things. Something like this is a possibility for home storage:

And these boxes may work for 1/2 dram travel vials:

There are lots of options; look for craft/sewing/beading notions boxes and find one that suits you.


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